Drug is the love for Holly

Out clubbing with Aaron and Jackson, Holly bumps into rotten Roz and before you can say ‘Line ’em up’ she’s snorting cocaine and popping pills. Roz finds Holly drugged to the eyeballs in a toilet and tells Aaron she needs help. She does, too… Holly can barely breathe. Aaron manages to bring her round and lets her stay at his place for the night. Will he warn farmer John that his daughter is at the drugs again?

David also has a secret he doesn’t want to come out… Leyla doesn’t know Nathan forced him to get Declan planning approval by catching him on camera in a compromising position with Tanya. She invites Declan over for a drink and David panics. But Declan quietly reassures him, saying he didn’t know Nathan would stoop so low. David’s not prepared to play games any more, though and announces that he’s quitting the council.

With Victoria off to Spain to run rings around 90-year-old granny Annie for the summer, Diane has more time for charming Charlie. He likes that – Doug doesn’t! He plays detective and tells Laurel he has found proof that Charlie is a wrong ‘un. Now he just has to find the right time to tell Diane…

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