Drug pusher Jake is arrested

After spending the night outside young Jen Kilshaw’s flat to keep Andy Donnelly away, DC Jo Masters tries to make her see that Andy is bad news. At Sun Hill, the case into trafficking underage girls continues and officers learn that Andy’s cousin, Jake Clegg, owns a house where underage girls are abused. An undercover DC Mickey Webb enters the house, and is taken to a room where Dawn Banford is waiting.

While quietly explaining he’s a cop, Dawn is terrified that she will be blamed for his appearance and raises the alarm. Mickey and the officers waiting outside the house chase after Jake’s second-in-command, Kenton Farmer, who manages to escape. Meanwhile, Pcs Mel Ryder and Sally Armstrong arrest Jake but he refuses to cooperate when interviewed by Jo, whose emotions start to take over.

Jo is forced to release Jake through lack of evidence but she’s horrified when she gets a call from Jen, who’s been abducted by Kenton. Jen and some other girls are being taken to Glasgow later that day, and the race is on to find them. When Andy reveals where Jake and Kenton have taken the girls, Jo and Mickey trace Jake, and are shocked to find two van-loads of distressed and drugged girls.

While Mickey insists on waiting for back-up, Jo is worried that this will be too late for the victims and wants to help the girls now. But as Mickey apprehends Kenton, Jake sees red and overpowers Jo…