Having moved in with Katie and Gennie, Adele makes herself at home with a housewarming party. That sort of event is rich pickings for a thieving druggie and, sure enough, Holly nicks off with Scarlett’s purse. But Aaron sees her throwing it away and decides it’s time to stop covering for her. He tells Adam what his sister has been up to and, shocked, Adam isn’t sure what to do. Holly wants him to pretend he knows nothing, but Adam thinks it’s time Mum and Dad knew that she hasn’t mended her ways at all.

Holly’s in no mood to confess her sins, but Natasha is. Nasty Nathan tries to talk her out of admitting she murdered bigamist Mark, but Natasha is sure that her honesty will solve all their problems and she has made plans for the future of her children. She just wants one last evening with her family, then in the morning she’ll sing like a bird.

Following Nikhil’s confession at Home Gate Farm, Jai feels that he has let his brother down. But, having aired his secret, Nikhil is now determined to overcome his problem alone. Hmmmm, that will be difficult.

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