Drunk Adam causes an horrific injury to Andy (VIDEO)

Alcohol and farm machinery do not mix – as Adam proves to Andy’s cost. Still angry with everyone and everything, Adam turns up for work after he’s had a few beers. James tells him to go home, but Adam’s never listened to him before and he’s certainly not going to start now. Adam climbs up on the tractor and starts it up – not realising Andy is at the rear of the machine, rethreading the baler. Seconds later, Andy howls in pain and the tractor’s turned off. But it’s too late. The damage – the bloody, painful damage – has been done to Andy’s hand.

There’s been a lot of damage done to Cain and Moira’s marriage. Right now, she doesn’t even know where he is. Then Debbie gets a call saying Cain’s been locked up by the police – in Hull. He’s been drinking – a lot. Debbie and Chas go to get him. Despite everything, they think he’s better with Moira than without her. But Cain’s not so sure.

Georgia’s not at all sure about Priya being matched with a husband, but Priya’s not waiting for her to get on board with the idea. She has a meeting set up with Dhilan and his family. Will she tell him about her anorexia? Oh, she doesn’t have to. Georgia’s done it…