Drunk Gabby is rushed to hospital

Laurel and Ashley are horrified when Gabby passes out after a binge in Emmerdale

*First episode*

Down at the cricket pavilion, Gabby is getting plastered with Liv. Happy to have blotted out any thoughts of her dad’s dementia, thanks to liberal amounts of booze, Gabby is up for anything – and Liv is only too happy to encourage her – and to post the results online.

Later, much to Ashley and Laurel’s horror, Gabby collapses and is taken to hospital…

Knowing Paddy so well, having been married to the vet, Rhona has picked up on the fact her ex seems to have a bit of a thing for Chas. But when she sets them up on a date, will it have positive results? Lisa reels to hear Zak and Joanie are planning to move to Leeds and she needles Charity for information about it.