Drunk Laurel collapses at home

*First episode*

Just as Laurel thought her life was moving upwards, her world comes crashing down again. When her ex boss Jai gives her a terrible reference, telling Jimmy there is no way he’d trust the drunk with his kids, Laurel loses her job. In a bid to blot out the blow, unemployed Laurel reaches for the wine and is soon blotto. But when April tries to wake her, plastered Laurel starts coughing violently and then begins to choke on her own vomit…

Pregnant Vanessa’s relieved as Adam assures her there’s no way the baby is his. Ignoring the nagging doubt in the back of her mind, Vanessa decides their policy to keep quiet about their night of passion is the right one, and focuses on the next hurdle – telling Kirin he’s going to be a dad.

Having bagged the job with Jimmy, Tracy’s chuffed. But she’s not happy with the wage – and also she needs a place to stay now she’s not on the staff of the B&B. Is Jimmy about to find himself saddled with a permanent houseguest?