Drunk Moira runs over Pete!

Determined to drive home, drunk Moira mows down Pete…

*First episode* In the pub Moira’s boozing again and causing trouble. Leyla’s annoyed when the drunk farmer has a go at Pete and reels to learn Moira and Pete recently shared a kiss. Though she’s completely plastered, Moira decides to drive home in her van despite Cain’s pleas. It ends in disaster as she ploughs into Pete, who’s run in the path of the van to save Jacob being hit.

There’s a tricky conversation happening at Mulberry as Laurel tries to talk to the family about Ashley. It’s going to take a lot to get everyone on side as Gabby is convinced her stepmum has given up her on her dad and Sandy is devastated to see how poorly his son has become.

At the factory party for the village children, everyone including little Kyle, is waiting to see Santa. But Mrs Claus, aka Lisa, is unimpressed with Zak, who’s going to be Father Christmas, when he tells her he hasn’t told his wife Joanie what he’s up to.