Drunk Zak calls Joanie ‘Lisa’!

After his stag do, Zak Dingle makes a terrible mistake which ends up threatening his relationship with Joanie

It’s the day before Zak and Joanie’s wedding and the final preparations are underway. For Zak, that’s having a stag do and for Joanie, that’s picking up her wedding dress. But the bride-to-be has a horrible shock when she gets the dress and spots the huge stain on it. And there’s worse to come when, later, her drunken fiancé calls her ‘Lisa’, his ex-wife’s name, by mistake! Lisa, meanwhile, shares her ongoing heartbreak over Zak with Chas.


A situation kicks off when James learns Rakesh is struggling to pay back the money he owes. On his parents’ behalf, Ross threatens the lawyer with a wrench, and James then warns Rakesh, who’s in serious financial trouble, he has 48 hours to cough up or they’re going to take him to court…


Charity tries to seduce Cain and is crushed when he rejects her advances. Elsewhere, Chrissie urges Lachlan to make up with his granddad, who’s still in hospital following the shooting at Home Farm.