Du Plessis is the star of Leopard’s Den

Danny and Alice are chuffed when the animal hospital is given responsibility for the rescue and conservation of animals in the area. But the guest house is struggling and Du Plessis is jealous that Alice is being hailed by the press as a saviour. So Georgina decides to re-brand Du Plessis as South Africa’s version of Crocodile Dundee to generate business.

Meanwhile, a young man, Matthew, has seen a photo of Danny’s rehabilitated lioness and claims the animal is actually his stolen pet, Alleycat. Danny says Matthew will have to prove it. Danny takes Matthew to see the lioness, which immediately recognises its owner, and the two share an emotional reunion.

Alice is annoyed that Du Plessis’s tall tales of animal whispering skills are getting more press attention that her conversation work and quite rightly tells him he must prove his ‘mystical’ abilities, so Du Plessis pretends to tame the family’s pet cheetah, Jana. But the stunt goes horribly wrong when Jana panics over the camera flashes and runs off into the bush.

Du Plessis feels guilty and, the next day, everyone is concerned when Jana still hasn’t returned. Du Plessis is relieved to find her tracks – but she’s fallen into a cave and during the rescue attempt, disaster strikes!