Duncan arrives in Hollyoaks

Neville is serving a young looking stranger in the pub when Suzanne comes in and recognises the stranger as Duncan, their fifteen year old Godson. Suzanne insists that he stay and Duncan wastes no time in making his move on Anita. Ricky’s annoyed when Duncan joins him on his paper-round. When Duncan challenges him to skate a makeshift ramp over the river, Ricky obliges. But Ricky bottles it, confessing that he can’t swim, but neither can Duncan!

Anita starts to lay into Duncan when an irate Nev and Suzanne arrive, wondering why the newspapers are in the river. Duncan quickly blames Ricky.

Spencer invites everyone back to The Loft for a free party. Dave is worried that people are taking advantage but Spencer enjoys the attention. Calvin eventually arrives and tries, against Spencer’s will, to kick everyone out. When Dave tries to calm Calvin, Calvin reacts by knocking Dave to the floor and ejecting everybody.

Also; Kris agrees to ask Zak and Elliot if Archie can move back in. Archie’s chuffed but it quickly turns sour when Elliot needs some serious convincing. So Archie steps up and burns his little black book. Elliot tells him that he can stay but he will never call him a friend again.

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