Theresa’s desperate for the gossip after Anita’s liaison with Ricky; however, she’s shocked to hear that he failed to perform. Meanwhile, Ricky is too embarrassed to stop Duncan and his furtive imagination. Overhearing Duncan boasting about Ricky’s prowess in bedroom, Anita’s mortified by Ricky’s lies.

Ricky gives Anita flowers along with his apology, which is gracefully accepted. Until he declares that he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s still a virgin. Furious with his insensitivity, Anita flees leaving Ricky feeling rubbish. Eventually, Ricky realises that honesty is the best policy and tells Duncan that it wasn’t the right time for him and Anita to consummate their relationship.

Cheryl and Gilly’s relationship has stepped up a gear after they spend the night together. In Mobs, Steph’s surprised when a nervous Gilly calls by and a giddy Cheryl drops her fruit. Listening to Cheryl’s tales of seduction, Steph suggests that maybe dating would be better than going all the way on a first date.

Also; Rhys tells Gilly to enjoy the no strings fun while he can. Receiving a call from Cheryl, Gilly thinks she’s offering a repeat of last nights action, however, he arrives and finds plans for a dirty weekend with her new ‘feller’ on the cards.

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