Duncan tries it on with Cheryl…

Duncan sets his sights on Cheryl, and Dave encourages him to go for it. He winds Duncan up, saying that all he has to do to attract Cheryl is pretend to be Liverpudlian. When Duncan tries it on, with a Scouse accent, saucy Cheryl calls his bluff.

Gilly mollycoddles Steph, refusing to let her lift a finger now she’s ill. Steph argues that she’s not an invalid, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. So she decides to run Gilly ragged to make a point.

Theresa tries not to panic as Anita reveals she’s found a gun in Evissa. She tries to talk Anita out of calling the police, laughing her story off as attention-seeking. Anita is horrified that Theresa suspects her of crying wolf and goes to Carmel, who calls in the police. With very little time to get rid of the gun from Evissa, Jacqui takes desperate measures.

Also; Rose bullies Des into taking firmer action against Ravi. Zak warns Des to leave be. Des promises that if anyone finds out about Des’ activities, they’ll find out about Zak’s misdemeanours too. Zak is forced into a guilty silence as Des plans his next attack.

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