Duncan’s jealous of India and Ricky

Duncan tries to persuade India to go on a date with Ricky but she’s not interested, until Duncan pulls at her heartstrings – Ricky’s Dad is really ill. India suggests to Ricky that if Duncan wants gossip from their date, then they shouldn’t disappoint him. Duncan can hardly believe it as Ricky later enthuses about his hot date.

Kris is worried about Martin’s request to help assist in his suicide, so speaks to Malachy about his HIV. Malachy believes that as long as there’s breath in his body, he’s got reason to live. Kris tells Martin he can’t go through with it, but Martin’s determined to find a way out. Feeling he’s run out of options, Kris calls in professional help.

Jacqui reluctantly makes an appointment for Theresa to have an abortion. When Theresa finds out she’s outraged. But Jacqui tells her that if the baby is born, she’ll be in the frame for Calvin’s killing. Theresa tells Lauren about Jacqui’s plans and looks to her for support. But instead Lauren admits she’s not pregnant, leaving Theresa horrified.

Also; Newt asks Frankie if Rae can move in with them, but she says no. And when Newt complains to Darren, they get their wires crossed and Darren finds himself with two new lodgers.

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