Dup and Danny’s lie is still weighing heavy on the best friends’ minds. Rosie clearly knows that something is troubling her dad, but when she goes to talk to him and ask what’s wrong, he denies that there’s a problem and says that everything’s fine.

Meanwhile, when Dup is in town, he believes he’s seen the ghost of Peeters. Troubled, he heads to Fatani’s bar, where he sees the mysterious man again. Thinking that he’s being hated, Dup buckles under the pressure of his lie, and eventually comes clean about what happened to Caroline. She’s horrified and furious at him, not able to believe what her husband has done.

Then, it turns out that Peeters ‘ghost’ was in actual fact his brother, who’s come to try and find out the truth about what happened. From talking to the locals, he becomes suspicious of the Trevanion family.

The next day, Dup, Danny and Caroline come together and decide to come clean about what’s happened. Danny gathers the whole family and explains the story, while Dup talks to Peeters’ brother. Preparing to give himself up to the police and expecting to go to prison, Dup is in the middle of saying goodbye to the family when the police pull up at Leopard’s Den. Despite Dup explaining to them, Danny is arrested on suspicion of murder.