Dup wages war on the Peeters

Perhaps someone should tell Du Plessis to watch who he picks a fight with. The strong-willed Dup is determined to register his disapproval of recent events by kicking off a one-man campaign of vandalism against Peeters and the mining company, the new neighbours at Mara. Unfortunately, his misdeeds are caught on CCTV, resulting in a hefty fine and a restraining order to keep him away from Mara.

Danny is annoyed at Du Plessis’s methods – and the fact that the fine means they can’t buy Olivia the car she wants for her upcoming birthday – but he agrees with his colleague’s sentiments. So when Peeters asks him to take a look at some of the animals at Mara, Danny flatly refuses to help the man he sees as his enemy.

Alice feels differently, however, thinking only of the animals. Upset to find a baby elephant savaged by hyenas on Mara land, she realises that some of the culprits must be relocated to prevent other animals being attacked. But Danny is furious when he finds out his wife has gone behind his back.