Ronnie Brooks and Sam Casey are called to a deserted London street where a police officer has found a body in a car.

The man, who’s been identified as Derek Strachan, has been shot in the head. It transpires that during the evening, a woman was also in the car with him. When interviewed, she reveals that she saw a man across the road shoot Derek. Giving a description, Sam and Ronnie soon find a man who fits their match. The evidence seems to be piling up, and when they question Roland Hextor and ask where he was last night, he refuses to tell them and can’t provide an alibi.

Searching Roland’s house, Ronnie and Sam discover a gun. Then they talk to his mother, who says that he knows how to use a rifle. However, new evidence from the lab comes in which proves that the gunshot wound doesn’t match the weapon that was found at Roland’s house.

When they finally get Roland released from prison, he confides that he couldn’t tell them where he was the previous night because he was at his lover’s house. Ronnie says that if he had been open and honest from the beginning, none of this would have happened. It’s then revealed that a week later, Ronnie and Sam caught the murderer…