Maniac brothers George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino hijack clergyman Harvey Keitel’s mobile home and take him, his daughter Juliette Lewis and adopted son Ernest Liu hostage.

Until its midway point, director Robert Rodriguez’s demented thriller seems to be driving down the same boring crazy killer highway as a dozen other bad road movies. But when the group stop over at a Mexican nightclub ­ open from dusk till dawn ­ it switches gear completely and turns into an outrageous vampire comedy.

Loud, brash and over the top, the end result is thoroughly disposable, but it is ghoulish fun while it lasts. Cheech Marin, playing several roles, has some of the best gags, Tarantino (who also scripted) finally gets a taste of his own violent medicine when he succumbs to vampirism and, in his first big-screen starring role after finding fame in ER, Clooney proved to be an actor to watch.