Connie Beauchamp’s cancer secret is out. Following her collapse in the ED everyone at Holby hospital now knows she’s at death’s door. This week Connie’s consultant Simon Feathering (Nicholas Boulton) reveals her tumour’s grown, but she’s too weak for life-saving surgery…

Weak as she is, she takes matters into her own hands. Knowing she may have only days to live, she bullies doctor Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) into driving her to London to see leading consultant Professor Arianne Cornell!

Ethan manages the unthinkable – he finds parking in central London

Connie (Amanda Mealing) barges her way into Arianne’s office (Doctor Foster’s Sara Stewart) and it transpires they have a complicated history! Even so, Arianne also refuses to operate, fearing it will kill Connie.

She ultimately gets her own way later, however, when she loses consciousness. Rushed into emergency surgery, Connie’s life is in Arianne’s hands. With the odds stacked, will Connie die in theatre?

Is Ethan giving Connie the kiss of life? We’re sure he didn’t learn that in medical school…

Meanwhile, for Ethan the lines of professionalism, blackmail and friendship with Connie become confusingly blurred, leaving his future full of question marks. And when she takes a turn for the worse, Charlie is called urgently to London – will he make it in time?

Dylan struggles to hide his descent into alcoholism this week when he wakes up late for work, hungover and lagging behind with running the ED in Connie’s absence. Is his secret drinking about to catch up on him?

Also this week, Max ends up babysitting a patient’s dog. Cuteness squared!