Dying Sam embarks on a family quest

As she gradually comes to terms with her mortality, Sam is determined to track down the father she’s never known. She, Lauren and Finn head off to Blackpool in a bid to find him, but it soon becomes clear that a meeting is unlikely to happen any time soon. Will the disappointment prove too much for the ailing teen?

After a run of bad publicity about the school, a frustrated Karen is keen to promote a positive image of Waterloo Road, and goes as far as to hire someone to put a positive spin on things. But will the school be recognisable after PR woman Linda Wickes (guest star Jodie Prenger) has given it a makeover?

Director of Education Richard Whitman, for one, has his doubts about this latest venture. Arriving unannounced at the school, he makes no secret of his disapproval of the PR launch, not to mention his qualms about Karen’s professionalism.

Meanwhile, Aiden and Vicki are left out in the cold as they find Ronan and Jess in no mood to forgive. A fight between Aiden and Ronan is the final straw for Rob, as the rift between father and son deepens.