Ash suggests Kyle moves in but they get a nasty surprise when the police turn up to take Kyle to the station. Dylan and Kat ask him about his phone call with Charlotte and he protests that he didn’t kill her.

Meanwhile, Billie says that VJ should have some compassion for Hunter, as it’s not easy when an entire community hates your guts.

Skye overhears Olivia badmouthing her to Hunter. When Hunter realises Skye has heard everything he apologises and he asks her to basketball practice. At the practice things get a little intense, as VJ picks a fight with Hunter.

After the match, Hunter decides to put Olivia in place and tells her to change her attitude. With Hunter’s words ringing in her ears, Olivia decides to make peace with Skye.

Ash tells Andy and Phoebe that Kyle is innocent but all three are startled when the police walk through the door with a search warrant. Meanwhile, Dylan reveals they have found Charlotte’s phone behind his fridge.