As Zac is formally charged with Charlotte’s death, Morag accuses Dylan of using Zac as a way to into his father’s good books again, leaving him rattled. What does Morag know about Dylan’s shady past? Later, Leah quietly confides in Alf that she doesn’t completely believe Zac is innocent. Later, Leah watches on helplessly as Zac is refused bail, despite Morag ripping the prosecution’s evidence apart.

As soon as Ricky walks through the front door, Nate tells her that he has another shift and makes a quick exit. Later, Phoebe bumps into Nate and gently tells him that he needs to change his working patterns or he’ll drive Ricky away. When Nate goes home, he explains to Ricky that he’s been working so hard because he wants to buy a house with her.

Alf agrees to let Andy and Ash have the spare land in the caravan park, while Kat agrees to be their investor. And when their criminal past prevents them from acquiring a motor repair license, Phoebe steps in and saves the day.