Dylan dumped as clinical lead?

New acting clinical lead, Dylan Keogh, is seen taking his new duties very seriously in this week’s Casualty. Nurse manager Rita, however, is unimpressed with his training initiatives with her nursing staff, while patients suffer long waiting times, and tells him so!

As the shift continues, Dylan manages to find his rhythm and gets the department running smoothly – although he rubs most of the staff up the wrong way at some point!

Just as he’s ending the shift on a high note, with the backing of most of the staff, Dylan’s bubble is burst with the dramatic return of Connie Beauchamp on a motorcycle!

Deflated Dylan, reluctantly leaves the hospital, very much down in the dumps, while Connie removes all trace of him from her office…

Elsewhere, Zoe and Max’s love life hits a bump when Max’s housemate, Robyn, hands Zoe a cleaning rota! Unwilling to live like a student, Zoe decides to rent a luxurious two-bedroom flat, while Max pretends to be pleased by their new living arrangements…

Elsewhere, Dixie’s efforts to make up with former colleague, Iain, leaves a sour taste in his mouth when she literally hits him with a ‘humble pie’ she’s had made! Afterwards, the two have a heart-to-heart and Dixie makes a heartfelt revelation, which sees Iain returning to his old paramedic job.