At the Lassiters shareholders meeting, Dylan infuriates Loris by voting against her in favour of Cam’s redevelopment proposal which pleases Elle. But Dylan’s support leads Elle to feel even more guilty for destroying Max’s life, and she turns to Dylan for comfort and friendship. Dylan is drawn to Elle and as the pair spend time together, there’s an undeniable spark between them.

Smug Lou has realised how great is it to have two women fighting over him and sets up an official dating competition between his girlfriends-to-be, Janelle and Mishka. Mishka is confident that Lou will choose her after spending time with her on a date, but when Janelle learns how much her no-good son Stingray’s been boozing, she no longer feels like playing along with Lou’s games.

Elsewhere, Ned tries to convince Harold that there’s nothing between him and Loris and that Harold should overcome his wounded pride and talk things through with her, giving Harold food for thought.

Also, Susan is eager to pay a visit to parents-to-be Bill and Anne but is reluctant to leave unwilling-dad Karl alone with the Kinski kids. Meanwhile, Katya begins her quest to raise the $10,000 by any means necessary.