Dylan’s attempts to keep refugee child Sanosi hidden reach breaking point in this week’s Casualty, so he hatches a drastic plan to run away with the traumatised boy!

With close friends David and Louise (Azuka Oforka) on Dylan’s case to hand Sanosi over the authorities, and clinical lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) on the verge of discovering he smuggled Sanso into the UK, Dylan (Will Beck) begins to collapse under the pressure of keeping Sanosi safe and secret.

The screw tightens further when Louise puts the squeeze on Dylan and gives him a one-day deadline to get Sanosi out of her house, where he’s been laying low. Unsure of what to do for the best, and having isolated himself from both Louise and David (Jason Durr), Dylan calls Sanosi and tells him to get ready to leave. Dylan then writes a resignation letter and leaves it on Connie’s desk! Is he going on the run with Sanosi?

We can’t reveal what happens next but by the end of the day distraught Dylan – a recovering alcoholic – ends up drowning his sorrows in a bottle of booze!

Meanwhile, doctor Lily Chao may have a reputation for being an ice-queen but it’s her paramedic boyfriend, Iain Dean, who is freezing her out. Lily (Crystal Yu) attempts to tell Iain she’s accepted a new job in Hong Kong but Iain (Michael Stevenson) gives her the cold shoulder, as he’s still angry about their fight!

Elsewhere, Elle wakes up in a state of bliss with new boyfriend Marty – although her three sons are unimpressed she allowed him to stay over! Later that day, when Marty turns up at the ED in a state of distress, humiliated Elle suspects he has an STD. Will this spell the end of their budding relationship?

Also this week, Connie’s medical results are in… Will she face up to them?