Dylan makes a sudden U-turn

Zoe gets on Dylan’s case this week, but the maverick medic is reluctant to return to the emergency department as he still blames himself for Polly’s death. But he finds himself back in Holby sooner than he anticipated when walking along the train bridge he spots a prescription belonging to schoolboy Joe.

After rescuing a dog from the boot of a car, Joe ends up in Holby being treated by locum doctor Simon Roper, who fails to check the youngster’s medical history.

Concerned about Joe’s welfare, Dylan arrives at the hospital and demands that Zoe lets him see him immediately as he suspects he has undiagnosed Guillain-Barre syndrome!

Zoe (Sunetra Sarker) promises to run tests and later, outside the hospital, Dylan insists on knowing about Joe’s condition. But Zoe point-blank refuses to keep him informed – if he wants to get involved he can come inside and examine the patient for himself.

Dylan finally relents, sneaks into the hospital and finds Zoe, who tells him his diagnosis was wrong. Unconvinced, Dylan begins issuing orders to Simon, who calls security on the stranger telling him how to do his job! The guards drag out Dylan, but not before he makes another diagnosis…

He gathers his courage and returns to the hospital. Linda helps him prove his new diagnosis and Joe is saved from unnecessary surgery. Later Dylan confesses to Zoe he’s been to see Jordan and is considering returning to work.

Elsewhere, Linda’s first day replacing Tess as Clinical Nurse Manager is a disaster. She wakes up in a stranger’s bed, is caught by Jordan self-medicating with an IV drip and makes an enemy of locum doctor Simon. However, it’s later revealed he has another reason to dislike her – she jilted him at the altar!