Stingray’s distraught to learn that it’s Dylan, not him, who’s the real dad of Sky’s baby Kerry, and lashes out at Karl and Susan, accusing them of ruining his life. Meanwhile, Dylan is so thrilled by the news that Sky begins to wonder if they might have a future together after all. But her hopes are crushed when Dylan tells her that he wants custody of baby Kerry and fully intends to fight her for it! Elsewhere, Janelle again threatens to sue Karl for negligence, leaving Karl and Susan fearing for their future.

Upset by Dylan’s attitude towards Sky, Harold tries to persuade Loris to give her family some moral guidance before they self-destruct. Loris says she blames herself for her family’s misfortune and gives Harold an almighty shock when she confesses she was responsible for the Timmins baby swap!

Steiger takes Will and Frazer away on a camping trip. But the boys aren’t too happy when he informs them that they’re expected to hunt and kill their own dinner, and they fear they won’t be able to live up to Steiger’s expectations.

Also, in order to get a visa for Mishka, Lou and Mishka attempt to reinvent their romantic past. And Lyn is surprised when Paul proposes.