Time’s running out for Sky’s baby as the desperate search continues. Meanwhile, Elle’s cross with Dylan for skiving off the hotel conference, but she’s unaware he’s got baby Kerry in his hotel room, having found her outside the hospital on the night of the fire.

Rosie confronts Carmella about Teresa’s baby-selling allegations and Carmella’s silence confirms her guilt. Rosie can’t believe Carmella was involved in such a terrible crime and abandons her sister before advising Will to do the same. Riddled with guilt, Carmella, pushes away a concerned Will, but he refuses to give up on her. Later, Toadie advises Rosie against representing Teresa in court but Rosie tells him she won’t stand down.

Katya is blackmailed into stealing another car, but when she’s caught by Ned, she lies and tells him she’s ‘rescuing’ the car as a favour.

Pepper seduces Frazer with a Thai meal and a no strings romp, but the next day she’s disappointed when he praises her for having fun without pressurising him into having a relationship. Meanwhile, Zeke is concerned that Frazer isn’t treating Pepper very well, as his crush on his teacher grows.

Also, Steph decides it’s time to take charge of her life and prepare for the possibility that Max might not come back.