Dylan is bored of CDU and tells anyone who’ll listen that he only wants interesting, challenging patients from now on. His wish is soon granted when a homeless girl called Becca is admitted. She’s battered and bruised and complains of suffering from night-blindness and feeling sick.

Dylan works out that she’s not only a victim of physical abuse, but she’s severely malnourished due to her nomadic lifestyle. It’s the wake up Becca needs and she promises to sort her life out. But how will the normally distant doc react when Becca turns up on his doorstep asking for a place to stay?

Elsewhere, Gary Kemp guest stars this week as Michael, a businessman who’s caught up in a bitter family feud. Michael’s brother Daniel is dying from asbestos poisoning, caused by the family business, and he’s now suing them.

But as the brothers are making their separate ways to court, Daniel has a coughing fit and crashes his car. He’s taken to ED unconscious, followed by Michael, who informs the team that his brother has signed an advance document saying he doesn’t want to be resuscitated. But Adam is suspicious and saves Daniel. Later it emerges that Michael is set to lose everything if Daniel testifies in court. Has he got any more nasty tricks up his sleeve?