Dynasty and Kevin’s love grows despite Steve-O

The romance between Dynasty and Kevin continues to grow this week, despite her ex Steve-O threatening him to stay away from his former girlfriend. Plus, his reign of terror continues to have a hold over Waterloo Road as he takes over Connor’s debt from Barry.

Meanwhile, it’s Lorraine and Sonya’s mother’s birthday, and Waterloo Road’s receptionist is determined to prove that she can be as successful as her sister. To try and show that she can make something of herself, Sonya decides to open up a beautician business and sell products to pupils.

However, Sonya’s day takes a turn for the worse when Ndale tells her that their one night stand was a mistake. She’s upset at the news, but he’s adamant that his feelings lie with Audrey.

Later, Sonya’s dreams of having her own business seem to lie in tatters when Rhiannon has an adverse reaction to a tanning injection that Sonya is selling. Rhiannon is rushed to hospital.

Then, Lorraine gets cold feet with Nikki. Although she’s keen to pursue their relationship, Lorraine calls time on their union, explaining that she feels as though it’s starting to interfere with her work life.

There’s also a shock return to Waterloo Road when Tom’s son Josh reappears at the school, and Ndale has a lifechanging surprise in store for Audrey when he asks her to marry him. She’s delighted at the proposal.