Dynasty plans to show up Carol on TV!

Dynasty is determined to show her mother Carol for what she really is on national TV when she decides to appear alongside her on the Noble Thoughts chat show. Kevin isn’t happy about his girlfriend’s family airing their dirty laundry in public, but Dynasty simply won’t listen.

Meanwhile, Kevin reluctantly decides to go along to the show in support of Dynasty. However, he’s horrified when host Julian Noble declares that the main topic for discussion is how Kevin has poisoned her mind against her family. Plus, things start to go from bad to worse for Kevin who then discovers that the producers have invited a mystery guest to the studio – his estranged mother Daisy.

Then, Christine is determined to make her first day as headteacher a positive one, although son Connor is concerned that she might struggle with the pressure. However. he needn’t have worried, as Christine manages to cope well with a particularly tricky decision.

Plus, Maggie is distraught when she faces the prospect of turning off Grantly’s life-support machine. But all is not lost when Grantly starts showing signs of life…