The presenters head to Las Vegas to investigate the outrageous lifestyles of the super-rich in the last episode of Eamonn & Ruth Do Vegas

During their series How the Other Half Lives, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford brushed up against lavish wealth, but what they see in Las Vegas in this double bill is mind-blowing.

With apartments containing their own basketball courts and casinos sending private jets to collect their best customers, the extravagance is on an extreme scale.

Eamonn and Ruth at the Palms, Las Vegas

Eamonn and Ruth enjoying the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas

Eamonn even gets to pick the music for the famous Bellagio fountains to ‘dance’ to, a privilege for which people happily pay $250,000.

‘The extraordinary becomes the ordinary,’ says Eamonn. ‘Everything is gold-plated, the service is seven-star and the limos are bigger than anything you’ve seen before.’

TV Times rating: ***