In 1971 Salford, an Anglo-Asian family, headed by Om Puri, is torn between old traditions and new freedoms.

Domineering dad Puri is keen on arranging the marriages and almost everything else for his seven increasingly rebellious children, but his plans and their feelings consistently fail to match up.

Featuring reams of hilariously pungent banter, some truly heartbreaking domestic strife and plenty of beautifully observed period detail, this excellent comedy drama stokes up its cultural melting pot of a plot and fairly bubbles with energy.

The astute script is both pact and full of good gags ­- not least the running joke about the youngster who won’t take off his parka.

The keen cast (including Jimi Mistry and Linda Bassett) has a field day, and the fact that their material is so good means that the movie’s obviously low budget hardly matters. Showing in tribute to Puri, who died earlier this month.