In a completely live episode as part of the 30th anniversary week celebrations, Ian confronts Jane about Lucy’s murder. Peter and Cindy arrive and are stunned as Jane confesses to accidentally killing Lucy in the house then dumping her body. Realising something doesn’t add up, the truth dawns on Ian that Jane is covering for Bobby.

Jane explains that Bobby didn’t realise Lucy was dead. Intending to take Lucy’s body to the hospital, to protect Bobby, she instead took the body to the common. Jane then convinced Bobby that Lucy was murdered later that night. Ian and Cindy make a pact not to tell anyone. Horrified that they would cover it up, Peter storms out. Cindy finds the letter that Lucy wrote the night she died, that Bobby has been hiding. As Cindy reads out Lucy’s heartfelt letter apologising to Ian for her behaviour, Ian, Jane and Cindy are united in their grief.

Keeble is busy  talking to to Carol about Nick’s body and Dot’s arrest. Nancy tries to tell her about Dean’s body, but Keeble won’t listen. Telling Nancy he’ll be sent down if Dean’s body is discovered, Mick says he’ll sort it, going to the barrel store alone. When Linda romantically proposes to Mick in The Vic, a shaken Mick hesitates before saying ‘yes’. To Nancy’s horror, Tina, Sonia and Linda unlock the barrel store to get some champagne. But Dean’s body is gone…