EastEnders spoilers: Hayley Slater demands her money from Kat Moon!

Kat’s leaving but Hayley is not done with her as she wants her cash, Hunter panics when the police get involved after a break in at the club.

Kat gets ready to leave for Spain and her family – including a hopeful Jean – gather to wave her off. Hayley takes Kat aside, however, and insists that Kat’s not going anywhere until she’s coughed up the money she owes her. Will Kat agree or will Hayley blow her secret to everyone?

Louise is horrified when she overhears Sharon telling Mel there was a break in at the club, knowing it may have something to do with her and the other teens. She rushes off to find the others and warn them about what has happened. Hunter sneaks into the club to find out exactly what’s been going on and he’s stunned to discover the safe has been completely emptied! Now, the police are involved, but will Mel trace anything back to him?