Lauren Branning makes a shock confession to dad Max!

Max approaches Lauren after having time to think and tells her that he understands her actions over Abi's funeral. But Lauren stuns him with the truth...

Max is stunned after Lauren’s revelation that Abi’s funeral has already happened without him. Pushing Lauren for answers, Max feels really low when Lauren points out a few home truths. After drowning his sorrows, Max confronts Jay and demands to know where Abi has been buried. He’s left furious when Jay refuses to give any details away.

Managing to collect himself, Max has a heart-to-heart with Mick and later visits Lauren. He tells his daughter that he understands why he was kept away from the funeral and he’s going to go away for a few days. When Max starts to question Lauren about the ceremony, however, it’s clear that something’s not right. Lauren has to confess that she lied – the funeral hasn’t happened yet – she just doesn’t want her there.

Kim tells Vincent she’s going to apply for a loan to get them out of their money situation. When Patrick encourages Kim not to be too harsh with Vincent, she prepares a romantic meal. Vincent confesses he’s got himself in trouble with the wrong kind of people. Kim offers to sell her engagement ring to help out. Will Vincent have to stoop that low?

Also, Halfway prepares a romantic surprise for Whitney.