Grant and Sharon are horrified as Phil collapses!

Grant agrees to help Phil find Ben and Jay, but Phil is taken seriously ill...

Courtney and Louise are left terrified after the thugs turn up to abduct Ben. Hiding in the bedroom, Courtney calls Grant for help. After the thugs leave, Grant turns up. He insists to Phil he’s going with him to save Ben – and Jay – who has been taken with Ben. When Phil collapses, Grant promises Phil he’ll bring Ben home.

Denise tells a regretful Kush that the baby isn’t his, but she won’t say who the dad is. After Patrick and Claudette break the news to the family that they’re now an item, Kim is suspicious that Denise has turned down a glass of champagne. Joking that Denise must be up the duff, Kim and the family are stunned when Denise admits it’s true!

Pam and Les prepare for Paul’s funeral. Despite doing her best to be brave, it’s too much for Pam when Les tries to encourage Pam to say a private goodbye to Paul before it’s too late.

Also, Dot leaves a message for the sender of her mystery letter, saying she’d like to accept the invitation.