EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon takes desperate measures to help Kat

Alfie helps Kat confront her past, Jean is the bearer of bad news, Hayley has an unwelcome visitor, and Stacey clashes with Ruby.

Kat continues to struggle with the shock revelation about her past that came out of her chance meeting with Charlie’s old mate Maurice. Unable to shake off thinking about it, Kat has a heart-to-heart with a concerned Alfie, who does his best to reassure her.

While Kat’s waiting for Alfie in the E20, she bumps into Ruby, who fills her in on what’s happening with her court hearing. Heading home, Kat is stunned to find Alfie in the Slater family kitchen… With Maurice! Horrified, she attempts to do a runner but Alfie begs her not to leave. He pleads with Kat to hear Maurice out, hopeful that it will set her mind at peace at long last. Will Alfie’s plan pay off?

Jean gets some shock news about the choir. They’re not in the choir competition after all as former choirmaster Morag ended up missing the deadline to enter them! Tasked with giving the bad news to the choir, Jean is cheered when they all agree that they’ll have a carol concert anyway, competition or no competition. It just remains for a soloist to be chosen. Will Karen have her way over Kim?

EastEnders Bev Slater visits Hayley Slater

Hayley is horrified when her mum pays her an unwelcome visit.

Hayley may have moved back into the Slaters’ with baby Cherry but she is still in an impossible situation. And things are about to get a whole lost worse… Hayley gets a visit from her mum Bev, who, despite the trouble she’s caused, has the cheek to tell Hayley that she’s homeless and she needs somewhere to stay.

Also, Ruby is angry when Stacey tries to push her into going to Matt and Ross’s initial court hearing. Have Stacey’s words hit home?

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