EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon is in shock when he meets his secret baby!

Hayley Slater has some explaining to do to a stunned Alfie, Mel makes a surprise discovery about Ray, and Billy tries to derail Honey and Adam's date.

Alfie is left reeling after Hayley’s bombshell that she’s a mum as it’s clear the baby is his. Hayley is horrified to see Alfie and desperately tells Jean that the party is over – she wants everyone out! Believing that Hayley had an abortion, Alfie wants to know why she lied to him but Kat interrupts as he tries to get to the truth.

In a bid to distract Kat, Alfie lets slip that Stacey called him and asked him to come back to the Square. Outraged, Kat has a go at Stacey for meddling, giving Alfie the chance to slip out and speak to Hayley.

When he reveals to Hayley he’s come back to the Square to win back Kat, Hayley is deflated. Later, Alfie wants to be a part of his daughter’s life but Hayley puts her foot down and refuses. She warns Alfie that if he insists, she’ll tell Kat the truth. When Kat finds Hayley upset, she comforts her, little knowing what she’s crying over…

EastEnders Mel Owen meets Maddie Wright

Mel meets up with Maddie in the club and digs for info on where Ray could be

Ray leaves Mel in the lurch again while he attends to work and she is fuming. After arranging to meet Maddie in the E20, she surreptitiously digs for info on where Ray could be. Heading out to a pub that Maddie mentioned to spy on Ray, she is shocked by what she sees…

EastEnders Honey talks to Billy

Honey is disappointed by Billy’s actions. How will Billy react to his ticking off?

Also, Honey is irritated when Billy tries to meddle in her relationship with Adam yet again but she insists she’s going out on her date with Adam. Meanwhile, Evie causes trouble for Tiffany at the pub and Max rows with Rainie when she takes baby Abi to Hayley’s party.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30pm.