EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon is up to his old tricks!

Alfie turns to Phil when his lies threaten to catch up with him, Phil tries to set Keanu up with Louise, and Mitch is hiding something from Karen.

Alfie is feeling under pressure as his lies are catching up with him. He knows that soon he’ll be in hot water. When Ian share some bad news that he’s withdrawing his investment, Alfie is despairing.

Kat is angry with Alfie for not fulfilling the promises he made to her. Realising he needs to get hold of some cash fast, he heads out to speak to Phil. At The Arches, Alfie spies Keanu hiding a wad of cash and it gives him food for thought.

EastEnders Alfie Moon with Phil Mitchell

Alfie makes Phil and offer

When he finally gets hold of Phil he makes him an offer… After Phil agrees to loan him the money, Alfie arranges a family meal. Kat’s chuffed that Alfie’s come good at last but her joy is short-lived as Kat gets a text from Alfie saying he’s in trouble. What has he got himself into now?

EastEnders Keanu Taylor

Keanu finds cash hidden in a car at The Arches.

Keanu is suspicious when Phil gives him a car to work on and insists he keep it under the radar. When Phil spots Louise heading for the Arches he intervenes and tells her to leave Keanu alone. Louise is annoyed and she has a go at her dad. Phil relents and invites Keanu to dinner! But Phil’s plan goes awry when he speaks to Keanu, who insists that he can’t date his brother’s ex.

Mick talks to Mitch about coaching the football team and Mitch agrees to join him. As Bailey needs looking after, Mitch lays on the charm to sweet talk Karen into helping him out. Later, Mitch finds out that Karen is looking for him and he’s worried she’s on the warpath. What has Karen found out and what is Mitch hiding?

Also, Kush is surprised when Denise returns home from her mini-break.

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