EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell makes a HORRIFYING discovery!

Ben Mitchell pressures Martin Fowler into a deal with the devil, Honey Mitchell helps the Ahmeds, and Rainie Branning wants baby Abi back.

Martin Fowler is desperate to stay in the Square in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV guide for full listings). He wants to be there for struggling daughter Bex Fowler but with wife Stacey Fowler still under threat from Ben Mitchell, he is torn.

Approaching Ben, he asks him if he will consider letting Stacey come home without retribution for the attack on Ben’s dad Phil Mitchell. Ben won’t give Martin a straight answer but then he receives a shocking call… Kheerat Panesar’s brother Jags Panesar reveals he’s holding Lola Pearce hostage, demanding that Ben get him the cash he owes his brother!

Thinking fast, Ben tells Martin that he’ll wipe the slate clean over Stacey as long as Martin helps get Lola back. Despite Martin pitching in with an attempt to rescue her, Ben ups the stakes, telling Martin he’ll grass up Stacey to the police if Martin doesn’t find Kheerat’s stolen car…

EastEnders Honey and Habiba organise a meal

Honey and Habiba organise a meal for the Ahmeds

Arshad Ahmed confesses to former foster son Adam Bateman that his wife Mariam Ahmed has had some troubles. Wanting to help. Adam’s girlfriend Honey Mitchell offers to have the Ahmeds over for dinner. Mariam’s granddaughter Habiba Ahmed helps Honey prepare the meal and drips poison in Honey’s ear about Adam, telling her she deserves better. Over dinner Mariam apologises to her other granddaughter Iqra Ahmed for her recent attitude, telling Iqra she’s proud of her.

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Rainie Branning clings on to a little bit of hope that she might get to see baby Abi Branning when Abi’s granddad Max Branning asks her to babysit. But after an incident in the park, Max takes Abi back and Rainie is downhearted. When Max tells Kathy Beale about what happened, Kathy reveals that Rainie is addicted to painkillers again.

Also, the Taylors rally round to find a missing Bailey Baker, who disappeared after her upset with Karen Taylor.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30 pm