EastEnders spoilers: Can Ben Mitchell force Lola Pearce to stay?

Ben Mitchell is determined to stop Lola Pearce from leaving, Ian Beale is concerned about his son Bobby Beale and Chantelle Atkins hatches a plan.

Ben Mitchell is concerned about Lola Pearce’s decision to leave Walford and return to Newcastle with their daughter Lexi Pearce. He pleads with Lola to let him have one more day with Lexi. Determined not to let Lola leave, Ben hatches a plan, roping in Lola’s granddad Billy Mitchell. Ben then goes to desperate lengths to stop Lola leaving. Will his plan work?

Ian Beale is concerned that son Bobby Beale is not settling back into Walford following his release from prison. In a bid to get Bobby back on track Ian suggests that he have a home tutor. When Bobby brushes aside the idea Ian is at a loss as to what to do. Alone, Bobby gets a call from a friend and is grateful to have someone to talk to. Realising that he’s pushed things too far, Bobby apologises to Ian for being ungrateful. Ian vows to make sure he keeps him close, not knowing that he’s already left…

EastEnders Chantelle Atkins Mitch Baker and Gray Atkins

Chantelle Atkins is annoyed with her dad Mitch Baker

Chantelle Atkins is frustrated that dad Mitch Baker hasn’t taken to her hubby Gray Atkins, so she hatches a plan to get Gray in Mitch’s good books. Her plan backfires and a frustrated Chantelle has a go at Mitch for being so unfriendly towards Gray. Will her words convince Mitch to give her hubby a chance?

EastEnders Daniel Cook and Jean Slater

Daniel Cook annoys Jean Slater at the oncology centre.

Also, Jean Slater is frustrated when her book goes missing and at the oncology unit she’s outraged to discover that Daniel Crook has it!

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