EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell puts himself in a dangerous situation

Ben Mitchell makes a risky decision, Sharon Mitchell is desperate to please blackmailer Mel Owen, and Chantelle Atkins tragic secret is discovered.

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell acts the big man and is generous with sister Louise and her baby daddy Keanu. At the Arches, Keanu has a touching conversation with Ben about fatherhood. Their daddy conversation is interrupted when a man, Jason, turns up about a job that Ben’s dad Phil has arranged.

Ben does his best to impress Jason and insists he can get him a flash car for a good price. Meanwhile, Jean Slater is struggling seeing Ben in the Square, as he’s the reason that her daughter Stacey Fowler is having to stay away. Will Ben relent over holding Stacey’s secret over her?

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Sharon Mitchell is under pressure from Mel Owen to do what she asks, under threat of her bombshell pregnancy secret being exposed. She tries to get stepdaughter Louise Mitchell and her boyfriend Keanu Taylor on their own so she can persuade Louise to move back in with her mum Lisa Fowler, as per Mel’s request.

But things don’t go to plan when Sharon’s hubby Phil Mitchell invites himself along and she realises she’ll have to ditch her plan. Keanu is suspicious that Sharon is being a bit shady and he confronts her over her behaviour.

Thinking fast, Sharon fibs that she can’t deal with living in the same house as him. Her ploy works a treat and Keanu and Louise move in with Lisa and Mel. Sharon is left shaken when Mel darkly warns her that it’s not over yet… What else will she ask Sharon to do?

Gray Atkins begs pregnant wife Chantelle Atkins to believe that he’s desperately sorry about his angry outbursts and horrifying attacks on her. He insists that he’s going to see a therapist about his behaviour to make sure he never does it again. When Chantelle cuts her hand, Gray takes her to hospital to have it stitched. But the nurse notices that Chantelle has bruises. Has her secret been outed?

EastEnders Stuart carries Rainie across the square in Eastenders

Stuart is forced to remove Rainie and carry her across the Square!

Also, drug addict Rainie Branning has a meltdown, demanding painkillers from nurse Sonia Fowler. Ted Murray’s date with Sheree Trueman’s mum Wanda ends in disaster.

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