EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell is getting himself into hot water!

Ben gets cosy with gangster Danny, Mel tries to lure Jack with a business deal, and Kat has a run in with Stacey over Sean.

Phil collects the laundered cash from Billy at the club. When Mel arrives for her cut of the money, Phil has to cover to a curious Sharon. He then hands Danny his money but when Danny offers him another job, he turns him down. Ben overhears and confronts Phil for turning down the job, forcing Phil to put Ben in his place. Annoyed that Phil refused the deal, Ben meets up with Danny. When Danny won’t let Ben get involved, he threatens his family. Danny says he’ll consider it but as Ben leaves, Danny makes a phone call…

Mel gives Jack a call to talk about the CCTV and arranges for him to see her counting the cash from Phil when he turns up to discuss things. Jack is curious when Mel claims it’s the money from some shares she’d forgotten she‘d had. Mel’s pleased when Jack seems to take the bait and later she suggests they go into business together. What will he say?

Stacey is thoughtful after her phone call to Sean. Meanwhile, Kat realises how much Stacey is missing having Jean in the house and she arranges a Slater gathering at Kush’s place, seeing as Mo is living there. Later, Stacey guiltily admits that she called her brother. Kat is horrified.

Also, Bex feels under pressure at the university event but makes a new connection. Denise and Mitch prepare for the salon opening.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.30pm.