EastEnders spoilers: Bex Fowler makes a heartbreaking suicide bid

Bex Fowler tries to take her own life, Dot Branning returns with a surprise visitor and Whitney Dean makes a dangerous mistake.

EastEnders‘ Bex Fowler has her last day at home before leaving for Oxford. Bex’s mum Sonia Fowler arranges a surprise farewell party. When Bex finds out Sonia’s plan, she reluctantly agrees to go, not really wanting a fuss made.

In The Vic, Bex puts on a brave face and tries to look like she’s enjoying herself. With Lisa Fowler still concerned about Bex’s state of mind, she encourages Bex to talk to Sonia and tell her how she’s feeling. Bex brushes aside Lisa’s concerns and makes a thank you speech, before sneaking away from the party.

At home and alone, the pressure begins to build and Bex contemplates the unthinkable – she wants to take her own life. The next morning, a horrified Sonia finds an unresponsive Bex in bed…

Dot Branning and Dotty Cotton return in EastEnders

Dot Branning returns to the Square with granddaughter Dotty Cotton.

Dot Branning makes a surprise return to Albert Square with a companion – she’s brought granddaughter Kirsty ‘Dotty’ Cotton with her! Dot updates the family on what’s happening with Dotty. Tiffany Butcher feels wary to learn that Dotty is planning on staying in Walford.

Whitney has a drink with Leo in EastEnders

Whitney Dean goes for a drink with Leo.

Whitney Dean gets a text from her mystery man Leo and she is chuffed. When she sees her ex Callum Highway, she’s relieved as they tentatively try to build a friendship. Whitney meets up with Leo and there’s chemistry between them. Little does Whitney know that Leo is her abusive stepdad Tony King’s son!

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Also, Jean Slater helps her friend Daniel Cook make a good start on his bucket list and he meets a mate to settle an old score.

Linda Carter tries to impress the judgemental school mums, while Mel Owen makes more demands from Sharon Mitchell.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.00 pm