EastEnders spoilers: Carmel Kazemi has a special gift for birthday girl Bex

Carmel is touched by Bex's revelation about Shakil, Hayley makes a big decision about her future and Karen tries to cheer up a stressed Keanu.

It’s the morning of Bex’s 18th birthday and Sonia and Robbie want to make a big fuss of her but they discover she’s gone missing. Carmel finds Bex in the Square and they are soon talking about Shakil. Bex reveals that Shakil bought her a ride in a hot air balloon for her birthday. Carmel is touched by Bex’s revelation and she gives her something of Shakil’s to remember him by.

Back home, Bex finds Dot preparing a photo album of old memories for Dr Legg. Bex opens up to Dot about her conversation with Carmel. She insists that she’s decided she can’t stay in the past, she needs to move forward. Will Bex’s words give Dot pause for thought? Meanwhile, Carmel finds Kush and they share a moment over Shakil.

Jean tries to make things up to Hayley, insisting she’s not trying to stir, she just wants to help. Hayley, however, is still furious with Jean’s interference – until Jean offers her an olive branch. Meanwhile. Stacey is frustrated with Kat, who is still giving Hayley a hard time. Stacey tries to make excuses for Kat, but Hayley is weary of all the stress and makes a big decision about her future…

Also, Karen tries to distract Keanu from the latest turn of events.