EastEnders spoilers: Carmel Kazemi makes a shock announcement

Carmel makes shocking new arrangements for Shakil’s funeral, Max smooths things over with Donna and Hayley robs some cash

Kush feels Carmel Kazemi is letting Shakil down by not helping with the funeral. Meanwhile, Keegan has discovered that Carmel’s not having anything to do with Shakil’s funeral and he angrily confronts her. Carmel crumbles and shares some harsh words with Keegan before heading to the funeral parlour. Jay is stunned when Carmel tells him to cancel all of the tributes and turn everyone away. She wants to be alone with Shakil at the ceremony…

EastEnders - Hayley Slater

Hayley considers stealing money from Carmel

Carmel has an idea about what she needs to do next and she asks for Hayley’s help. Despite hearing out Carmel, Hayley makes an excuse at the last minute and Carmel’s left to go it alone. Before leaving, Hayley nicks some cash. But she feels guilty about stealing from Carmel and tries to return it, pretending she found the money on the floor.

EastEnders - Max Branning Rainie Branning

Max pays off Robbie

Robbie finds a letter for Donna that reveals she’s been fined for selling cigarettes. Concerned, he visits Max and Rainie. Max offers to pay the fine as long as Donna doesn’t tell anyone that Rainie was involved.

** Second episode  of the evening.**

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