EastEnders spoilers: A grief-stricken Carmel Kazemi loses it!

Carmel can’t bear seeing the shrine to a dead Shakil, Hunter takes the teens to the E20 and Hayley is hiding something from the Slaters.

The Albert Square residents are struggling to comprehend that Shakil has been fatally stabbed. Carmel is understandably still in shock and struggles with her devastation. Denise and Kush spend time with Carmel to offer her comfort and support.

Later, Shakil’s dad Umar arrives with Carmel’s other son Darius. Stunned at losing Shakil, both Umar and Darius are full of fury, looking for someone to blame. When Carmel spots a shrine to Shakil in the Square it becomes too much for her. The grief gets the better of her and she flies at the shrine, tearing it apart. Can anyone stop her?

The Queen Vic becomes a meeting point for the stunned locals, who gather to pay their respects to Shakil. Frustrated with the adults, Hunter sneaks the other teens into the E20 club to spend time together. The teens start a game of spin the bottle but it soon gets out of hand…

Meanwhile, Hayley is back at the Slaters’ house again… She’s in the Square almost as much as she’s away from it! But the family are starting to get suss and wondering what’s happened to her mysterious boyfriend. Hayley claims that he treats her like a princess but will she be believed?