EastEnders spoilers: Carmel Kazemi visits Shakil’s killer!

Carmel pays Shakil's killer Bruno a visit, Rainie has been pushed to her limit by Max, and Keanu leaves a fuming Sharon waiting!

Carmel has managed to convince Kush to let Sophie stay, but he still has many misgivings. After Kush leaves for work, Sophie reveals that she has an ulterior motive for being in the Square. She confesses that Bruno wants her to visit him in prison – with Carmel. Stunned by the request, Carmel doesn’t know what to say, but she realises that she wants to confront her son’s killer face-to-face. The two women set off to visit Bruno in prison. Will Carmel finally get some closure or will it deepen her grief even further?

Shakil EastEnders

Poor Shakil

Rainie is in a panic when Amy reminds her that the Welfare Officer is due a visit as Max is missing following the previous day’s row. She’s relieved when she manages to track a dishevelled-looking Max down to the car lot. Insisting she needs to get back home immediately, she won’t let Max try to explain his actions the night before.

Things are tense when the Welfare Officer turns up, as she wants to talk to Amy and Ricky alone. Max is relieved when the meeting seems to have gone well and he tries to put things right with Rainie. Still smarting from their argument, Rainie packs a bag, telling Jack she can’t be there anymore. Jack rushes to finds Max and encourages him to fight for Rainie. Will Max convince Rainie to stay?

Sharon and Keanu are enjoying their time together and they agree to meet up for lunch. When Keanu stands her up, Sharon is left fuming. She has a go at Keanu for leaving her in the lurch, but he reveals that he didn’t get a job he went for. Sharon has an idea and approaches Kat…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday.