EastEnders spoilers: Carmel Kazemi has an unwelcome visitor – Sharon KISSES Keanu!

Carmel is in shock when a surprise visitor turns up at the house, Keanu and Sharon's affair may be in danger of discovery, and Honey's made an awful mistake

Carmel is reminded by Kush that she is due to go to her support group meeting but he despairs to realise that she’s not listening. Carmel is distracted after finding a pair of trainers she’d bought for Shakil’s birthday and it’s left her rattled. Already on edge, when the police come calling to ask about what happened in The Vic, she gives them short shrift. When there’s another caller at the door, Carmel is irritated but she’s in shock to find Sophie, the mother of her son’s killer…

The dramatic incident in The Vic has far-reaching consequences, as the police close in on a suspect, while a victim’s life is in the balance. Meanwhile, Sharon is rattled to learn that Keanu won’t forget about what he saw at the canal, insisting he needs to do the right thing. A fuming Sharon storms off, but later visits Keanu at The Arches, where they kiss. A door slams… Was someone watching them?

Honey is stunned when she learns that smooth-talking Irishman Ray is Mel’s ex-hubby! She realises that he was using her to get information on Jack and she’s mortified she’s given Jack’s personal details away.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday.