EastEnders spoilers: The Carters get a pizza the action!

The Carters are being pranked by someone, Jean tries to convince Hayley to tell the dad she's having a baby, Jessica charges Billy for letting Jay down!

Halfway is feeling sheepish as he moves back into the Vic but the Carter family are happy to have him back with them. Later, a huge order of pizzas arrives at the Vic and everyone is confused. After the deliveryman demands payment, his moped then disappears and they call in the police. Has someone pranked them?

Jean suggests that Hayley babysit Hope, as she’s thinking it might be good practice for her. When Hayley realizes that there’s a baby monitor in the room she’s hurt that Jean has doubted her. Hayley sets a trap for Jean, who comes running. When Hope starts crying Hayley panics but Jean insists it’s normal. Jean tells Hayley that it will be difficult to cope alone and urges her to call the dad. Hayley sadly tells Jean it’s all a complete mess and she can’t tell him. Later, when the Slaters praise Hayley for looking after Hope she feels guilty about her secret.

Billy pays Jessica

Billy realizes that Jay is upset about Jessica leaving. He asks her to lie about the reasons for moving out to let Jay down gently. Jessica senses an opportunity and charges Billy for her time. After successfully hoodwinking Jay, she meets up with Billy in the café for payment.

Ian is annoyed about the fish

Also, Ian is furious that Hunter ruined an expensive delivery by not turning up for work on time.